Our Services

M&P believes that all business, regardless of size, should have access to business support. We understand that running a business can be overwhelming and it is difficult to focus on the bigger picture when owners are involved in every day-to-day aspect of the business.

We help clients to make clear decisions by providing them with a structured approach to defining their strategy, a step by step guide to developing a business plan and to building a team to meet their objectives. We explain how a clear strategy and plan is vital when engaging stakeholders such as funders and investors, all of whom can help the business achieve its potential.

There are varying dynamics in place across different sectors, but a common set of principles that can be applied to most businesses.

M&P’s approach works on three main principles when defining a strategy –  review, plan, implement.

At each stage we provide clients with a set of templates to assist them in developing their strategy and planning for the future.

Stage 1

We come in to look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes to give you an independent view of where you are and recommendations to set you on the path to success .

Our approach:

  • Help defining your vision, mission and goals to create a strategy to succeed
  • Look at where your business is now and where you want to be
  • Work with you to see what makes your business different
  • Help you assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Review your competitors and other external factors that can affect your business
  • Identify the key drivers and risks
  • Prioritise options, actions and recommendations with a simple rating system

Stage 2

We work with you to help plan an achievable route to get to where you want to be by creating a step by step guide with key actions, targets and milestones. Without a plan, you can’t monitor your progress and work out what went well and what you need to change.

Our approach:

  • Break down the plan into manageable phases so you can see what needs to be done in the short, medium and long term
  • Build detailed action plans with key tasks and timescale for each phase
  • Set out the objectives, targets and how they will be measured for each area
  • Create business, project and financial plans
  • Design simple templates for you to monitor your progress
  • Explain how stakeholders such as lenders or investors want to see a clear plan and strategy to help inform their decisions on how to support your business

Stage 3

We support you to help your business achieve its goals through mentoring, providing a range of professional services including working part time in your business. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or outsourcing tasks.

Our approach:

  • Monitor the action plan on a regular basis
  • Assess the main variances against the targets to understand how you are performing and whether you need to make any changes
  • Flex the plan to adapt to change of circumstances or if you go off course and need to get back on track
  • Work with the team to make sure they are engaged and accountable for their core tasks
  • Provide part time financial, operational and management support in your business
  • Provide a range of professional services to help you put the plan into place
  • Bring in additional support from specialists across our team and network of accredited advisors

Stage 4  Follow up
with 1-2-1 support

We can help by being a mentor and retained advisor to act as a sounding board for any concerns you have or just want a second opinion

Our approach

  • Being available to talk about any matter where you want an independent view
  • Flexible support when you want it

Initial Consultation

Business Snapshot

We have an initial discussion about your business to understand:

  • What is the background to your business?
  • Where is it now?
  • What are your main challenges?
  • What are you goals?
  • Where do you want you business to be?
  • When do you want to get there?

We follow up with recommendations on how we can help you achieve your goals


Business Review

Type of business

  • Any business that wants an independent review of their business

How we help

  • Following on from our initial discussion where we meet with you to review your business and how we can get you to where you want to be
  • We provide you with an independent view of your business with recommendations on how you can succeed

Basic package – business healthcheck

  • Meeting for approximately 2 hours to go through a high level assessment of your business to identify areas for improvement.
  • We provide you with a summary report with high level recommendations and a priority rating.
  • Focus will be on areas of most importance and / or where results can seen quickly.
  • We work with a network of accredited advisors across a range of specialisms and where we do not have the expertise we can bring in associates to work with us to help you
  • Regular follow up meetings to review your progress

Full package – business review

  • Full day at your premises to review all areas of your business including:
    • Finance
    • Staff
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Services / production
    • Personal aspirations
  • We have detailed discussions with you to go into your main areas of concern
  • Following review we provide you with a report and a tabulation of our observations, key issues and potential consequences and recommendations along with a priority level
  • We have a follow up meeting with your to discuss our findings and discuss next steps
  • We provide you with a proposal to implement improvements and manage the process with you and any associates we bring in to assist
  • Regular reviews to monitor progress

Start Ups

Type of business

  • Pre-start-ups with a great idea but don’t know how to set it up
  • New businesses within 2 years of trading

How we help

  • We work with you to understand if your business is viable
  • We help you to understand if there is a need for your product or service and how you are different from the competition
  • Create simple financial model to further help show if your business is viable
  • Help you to understand what cash you need to invest in the business, what you need to live on and how much you may need to find from other sources
  • Explain the type of information external stakeholders might want to see

Basic package and templates

  • 1 page outline plan
  • Simple cashflow forecast
  • 1 page action plan
  • 1 page targets and template with actuals to measure progress
  • Quarterly reviews

Full package and services

  • Step by step guide to what you need to do to create a full business, operational and financial plan
  • Start by creating an outline plan based on core headings
  • Develop into a detailed business plan
  • 3 to 5 year financial plan with detailed year 1 projections and high level from year 2
  • Work with you to set key targets and milestones to help you plot an achievable route to your goals
  • Create an action plan of key activities and break down in detail in three month blocks
  • Review regularly every month / quarter to assess progress against targets and look at variances
  • Revise plan in line with performance to keep you on track

Business Plans

Type of business

  • Any business can benefit from having a business plan – without a plan you are not able to measure how you are doing

How we help

  • We help to create a business plan that can act as a framework for your business and enable you to monitor your progress
  • We create a business plan to show what you are doing and strategic plan to show how you are doing it
  • We design plans and forecasts that can be provided to third parties including:
    • Lenders to obtain finance
    • Investors
    • Banks to open accounts
  • We explain why a business plan is important and help you to be able to explain the main areas to other people
  • We work with you to define your strategy and develop a structured approach to making key decisions

Basic package and templates

  • Set out vision and mission statement
  • Build an initial one page plan with the main headings from a business plan with a short paragraph on each section
  • Summary P&L for 3-5 years
  • Simple cashflow forecast for first year
  • 1 page action plan summarising main tasks
  • 1 page targets and template with actuals to measure progress
  • Quarterly reviews

Full package and services

  • Review of core vision, mission and objectives of the business
  • Work on defining your strategy to achieve your key objectives
  • Detailed SWOT analysis
  • Review of external factor and competitors
  • Start with a basic template and build a detailed financial model
  • 3 to 5 year financial plan with detailed year 1 projections and high level from year 2 a detailed business plan with executive and financial summary
  • Build a detailed year 1 plan by month and cashflow
  • Set key performance targets and milestones
  • Scenario planning; how changing one variable can have an impact (positive or negative) on cash
  • Explain importance of understanding numbers and being able to explain them to key stakeholders, such as banks and investors
  • Build an action plan of what needs to be done to meet objectives, along with their allocated level of priority, to assess what needs to be done in the short, medium and long term
  • Look at how the business will operate and what support is required
  • Review on a monthly basis


Type of business / description

  • Growth plans
  • Experiencing difficulties
  • Looking to restructure
  • Exit planning
  • Projects

How we help

  • We help you to define your strategy by having a structured approach to making decisions
  • We look at options and scenarios to see which provides the best outcome to meet the objectives of your business
  • We help you to prioritise initiatives and develop a phased plan

Basic package / templates

  • High level strategic review of the business – vision/goals/challenges and SWOT analysis
  • Discuss options and factors that you need to consider
  • Provide a summary of pros and cons of each approach

Full package

  • Writing a full business or project plan
  • Financial modelling of scenarios
  • Review of various options and recommendation on priorities
  • Developing detailed action plans on regular basis (e.g. weekly/monthly)
  • Setting targets/milestones
  • Monthly review
  • Part time management within your company
  • Monthly reviews
  • Intense implementation in short time frame for projects


Type of business / description

  • Requiring assistance with funding, either with obtaining investment or restructuring existing facilities

Basic package / templates

  • Financial review to understand current financial position
  • Discussion of funding requirements
  • Outline of information required by funders

Full package / services

  • Preparation of financial forecasts to identify funding need
  • Preparation of information required
  • Outline strategic and business plan
  • Attending meeting with funders to assist in negotiation

Exit strategy

Type of business / description

  • There are many reasons why people want to exit their business –  not only for retirement –  but maybe you want to go and do something else, take some cash out of the business, sell up, bring in new management or investors.

How we help

  • We help businesses to focus on the long term objectives for themselves and for their business. We review your options to understand the best approach for you and the business.
  • There are many factors to consider and questions to ask including:
    • what is the value of your business
    • how much do you want to extract
    • how much do you need from the business on a regular basis
    • if the business is to continue without you, is there a management team in place that can run the business
    • do you have appropriately trained people to do your work
    • are there procedures in place so new people can understand how the business operates.
  • We meet with you to understand what you want to achieve and then work backwards to see how you get there

Basic package

  • Outline of options available and factors to consider

Full package / services

  • Developing a detailed plan to achieve your exit goal
  • Regular meetings to monitor progress with you
  • Assist you in meeting with potential investors

Operational risk and procedures

Type of business / description

  • It is important to have a framework and set of rules on how your business operates so that your team and customers can understand your approach.
  • You can protect your business by understanding the risks and how you can mitigate them.

How we help

  • We help businesses to document their processes, policies and procedures so everyone in your business understands how you operates, which can assist with regulatory matters such as GDPR and for new staff joining or other team members covering for absences
  • We review your risks, identify controls in place and make recommendations on how these can be improved and create plans for testing the controls.

Basic package

  • Outline process documents and basic procedures
  • High level review of risks and controls in place with recommendations on how to improve

Full package / services

  • Develop process, policy and procedure documents to assist with compliance with GDPR
  • Audit of risks in your business, controls in place and recommendations
  • Create control testing plans
  • Create business continuity plans so that the business can function in event of unforeseen circumstances

Additional Services

  • Reviewing, proof reading and writing professional reports
  • Helping to write and review submission for membership of professional bodies or nominations for awards
  • Background research
  • Welsh translation
  • Financial and cashflow review
  • Setting up financial models and management information systems, and providing simple templates to monitor progress