Welcome to M&P Business Solutions

M&P Business Solutions helps new, small and medium businesses to grow, overcome difficulties, and become more efficient.

Running a business can seem overwhelming. When you’re fully immersed in every aspect of it, 24 hours in a day, it’s perfectly reasonable to need a little help and support in order to succeed.

Our services can be individually tailored to support your specific business needs, from short-term, one-off inputs to longer-term projects or even part-time work in your company.

Most businesses, at some point, ask the following questions:

  • How do I actually start my business?
  • How do I grow and increase sales?
  • How do I plan change?
  • How do I build an exit strategy?
  • How do I overcome difficulties?
  • How do I access funding?
  • How do I create structure in my business?
  • How do I obtain grants and win tenders?

M&P Business Solutions create business plans to help you answer these questions, specifically for your business, by offering:

Step by step guides to starting a business plan to describe what you want to do and a strategic plan to show how you are going to do it
• Financial models to show the impact of changes on your business and how they affect cash and profit – a small change in one area can have a big impact
Business health check to look at what you are doing now and identify and prioritise key areas for change
•  Review of options on how you can improve your business to help you find the best route and create a project plan to implement change
Developing cashflow forecasts to identify funding needs and creating the information that lenders and investors want to see
Audit of process and information to create policies and procedures to give you a clear structure and set of rules on how your business operates
Helping you to focus by creating detailed action plans and measuring tools and monitoring progress with you
Range of professional support services

We offer a free consultation where we discuss your business, your goals and how we can support you.

Feel free to contact us by filling in the form, or calling me on:

Tel:     07946 513 409

Morag Davies
M&P Business Solutions Ltd
5 York Street, Chester, CH1 3LR

All businesses, regardless of size, need access to business support at some point. When owners are involved in every aspect of the business, it can be potentially overwhelming, and they need effective support that they trust.

We help clients to make clear decisions by providing them with a structured approach to defining their strategy, a step by step guide to developing a business plan and support building a team to meet their objectives.


Our objective is to understand about your business, your goals and the challenges you face. We focus on defining the vision, mission and goals to create a high-level strategy to succeed.


Our objective is to emphasise the importance of having a plan – a plan enables a business to measure what works well and what doesn’t. We work with you to create an outline business plan, simple financial forecast and set key targets and milestones.


Our objective is for you to put the plan into action, work effectively with a team, and be able to adapt to changes. We work with you to monitor progress against the plan and provide you with a range of professional support services to help you achieve your targets.